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What We Do

It all started with Three Wishes...

We're in the business of granting wishes. 

When Ruby Kate spent time in the nursing homes where her mother works, she began to see the simple needs and desires of some of the residents. She decided to start asking them, "If I could bring you any three things, what would they be?" You might think they'd ask for big things like cars or money or vacations. But that isn't what happened. They asked for a warm blanket, fresh fruit, food for their cat or dog, a pair of shoes that fit comfortably, and french fries. Ruby knew it wouldn't take much to grant these wishes, so she and her family started to buy these things and gift them.

Shortly after, they started a Go Fund Me campaign because friends and family wanted to help, too. No one could have anticipated the reaction of the public as the word of her project spread. What started with a $5,000 goal has become a global movement that has now raised over $250,000 for the impoverished elderly, inspiring millions along the way. 

Three Wishes finds out what residents need, what makes them happy, and we make it happen. Vienna Sausages, comfortable pillows, peanut butter, strawberries, books... little things. Or, sometimes big things like a television for a younger resident who needed a way to pass the time. A motorized wheelchair was graciously donated for a resident in need. Residents love "pocket talkers" that help them hear more clearly. 

Our goal of helping residents in our small town has become the goal of helping as many residents across the country as we can. We are working on making sure residents get birthday cards and books to read and the snacks they love. We want to have arts and crafts events where we paint and create with residents. We love to give candy bars and hugs just for the joy of it. (Don't worry, we always check with the staff regarding dietary restrictions before giving out food or drink!) We are working on tech workshops where residents who are able can learn to email and skype so they can stay connected with family. We have beauty events where manicures and hair styling helps residents feel their best. We take short "field trips" to fast food restaurants for special treats. We have all kinds of ideas, and we are just spreading the joy as far and wide as we can.

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