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What We Do

How We Grant Wishes

We grant small wishes. It's that simple. We want to end the cycle of nursing home residents choosing between phone service and haircuts.  

We have fulfilled over 4000 wishes across America since we began. 

Three Wishes finds out what nursing home residents need/what makes them happy, and we make it happen. We deliver items via essential employees so even during the Covid19 crisis, we continue to meet residents' needs. It's the little things that bring joy. We are constantly asked for small items like a fluffy blanket, cat food, comfortable pillows, new clothes, peanut butter, strawberries, books.... We find ways to do bigger things, too like TVs, older model iPads and complete room remodels. We visit, listen and respond to their needs. We make their life sweet again. 

We are changing lives and we want to teach others to do this across the globe. Like Ruby says, "Kindness is my hobby" and it can be yours, too. 

What else do we do? 

  • Come visit our Three Wishes Community Center! Our center has beautifuls murals, you can fulfill a wish from our "Window of Wishes", visit our Elvis, the friendliest in Arkansas and take a tour. Our center teaches lost vintage skills and hosts free birthday parties for children and is staffed by senior volunteers 
  • Senior Penpal Project
  • The Three Wishes Project for schools, youth groups and churches  
  • National Postcards of Kindness 
  • National Wish Project for nursing home residents 
  • Pet food pantry for seniors 
  • Three Wishes for Whiskers- a way to place senior cats in nursing homes!
  • Mobile Library Cart 
  • Ipad kiosks in nursing homes to increase socialization and meaningful connections 
  • Speaking events- our Kid Board speaks to geriatric leaders and youth across the US 


  • Our Impact
    Our Impact
  • Simple Wins
    Simple Wins
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