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Start a Chapter

Start a Chapter

Start a Three Wishes For Ruby’s Residents chapter where you live!

There are people throughout North America interested in giving back and helping the elderly living in our nursing homes. We want to build a strong organization that everyone will be proud to serve and that means a controlled plan of growth. We currently have chapters in Ohio and beginning in Florida.

We ARE accepting letters of inquiry to begin a chapter in your area. To help all of you jump start that process and ensure success, here are a few tips you can use initiate a chapter in your area.

Note- these are for people who want to raise funds/donations through their group or chapter. If you want to help without fundraising, we can do that a lot easier! Stay tuned for those projects and connections. 

  1. Contact several colleagues, friends or family and ask if they can help you start a group. We recommend a core group of 3-5 people that are committed to making a chapter of Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents work. 
  2. The themes of our organization include connecting the generations so we suggest reaching out to a potential team member such as a teacher, youth leader, etc who can help you accomplish that goal. Other titles of great contacts in the long-term care setting include local Ombudsman, Advanced Practice Nurses who practice in long-term care, marketers, medical directors of long-term care, social workers and your state’s association of long-term care associates as well. Having people familiar with long-term care on your team is invaluable but not a requirement, 
  3.  Schedule a meeting to get yourself organized, create a target list of nursing homes to volunteer, contact persons at those homes if possible, coordinate a time to visit the nursing home with your group, decide potential roles within your group. 

Send formal letters of inquiry to our corporate headquarters: by email, fax or mail 

Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents

Attn: Chapter Development 

PO Box 1546 Harrison AR 



Fax 870-741-2763




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- Call or visit local nursing homes to ask if they allow volunteers, and tell them you want to start a Three Wishes Project.

- Provide the handout from (coming soon).

- Get the name of a contact person.

- Most of the time social services, activity director or administrator are good people to start with at a facility.

- Follow up in a week or two, generally the staff is extremely busy and will appreciate your patience.

- If they appear to not need your help, try another facility.

- Order a t-shirt The t-shirt helps identify yourself and your role during each visit to staff AND residents. We show up in the red HERO t-shirt every visit for recognition.


- Once approved, ask for a first name list of residents you are allowed to visit.

- Always check with nurse on duty upon arrival.

- Start slow, the resident may not open up or want to visit with a stranger at first.


- A simple hello goes a long way.

- Ask questions about their past, photos in their room, etc.

- Use your eyes and ears to look for thin blankets, old shoes, etc or hear what they are asking for. (ONLY in the rooms you are allowed to be in). Eventually the patient may be comfortable accepting a gift.


- Gift small items of low value that really uplift the patient.

- Think about items that are hard to come by on low income, or are hard to access like brand-name toothpaste, body soap, lotion, shampoo.

- Look for the need for better clothes and shoes, remember to get shoes sizes, widths, etc.

- Label everything you can with the resident's name and Three Wishes.


- Keep all patient information private.

- You are not there to be anything but a volunteer.

- You may see things that upset you or hurt your heart and it can be very easy to misinterpret.

- Most importantly, it is not our place to judge anyone.


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