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Start a Chapter

Start a Three Wishes For Ruby’s Residents chapter 

We are looking for the right people to build our team of volunteers to help fulfill the needs of the institutionalized elderly across America. We can best accomplish this through offering chapters of Three Wishes nationally. Our organization moves people. It lifts them. It offers the opportunity to impact lives AND inspire others to act.  We want to build a strong organization that everyone will be proud to serve and that does means a controlled, slow plan of growth for our chapters. Let's see if your team is a good fit. We would love to hear from you. 

We ARE accepting applications to begin a chapter in your area. To help you jump start that process and ensure success, here are a few tips you can use to determine if starting a chapter is right you you and your community. 


This provides guidance, suggestions and instructions for persons interested in forming a THREE WISHES FOR RUBY’S RESIDENTS chapter.

It is most helpful if you are already familiar with the basic steps involved in forming a nonprofit organization. Every chapter must file for an EIN, bylaws, articles of incorporation, etc. with government agencies. We believe a chapter of Three Wishes provides the most rewarding work on the planet. However, forming a nonprofit chapter is a commitment of both time and spirit. If your team is ready, we are certainly ready to hear from you.

Suggestions to improve the content and presentation of this material are welcome and should be directed THREE WISHES FOR RUBY’S RESIDENTS at



If you are presently in an area that does not have a THREE WISHES FOR RUBY’S RESIDENTS Chapter nearby, you may be wondering whether you could establish a new Chapter. THREE WISHES FOR RUBY’S RESIDENTS offers the following guidelines to identify suitable locations for new Chapters.

  • Are there nursing homes, assisted living facilities in your area that would welcome your help and service via a THREE WISHES FOR RUBY’S RESIDENTS chapter?   Low income facilities readily welcome volunteers but you do need to reach out to local facilities and confirm that they will welcome your help before proceeding any further with chapter development.  
  • Is there a large enough population of institutionalized elderly who will derive benefit from the creation of a new chapter?

It is helpful if at least three- five persons agree on the need for a chapter and are motivated to work together with you to establish and maintain a chapter. This small team usually forms the “core team” of individuals with the time, energy and conviction to create a chapter. 

THREE WISHES FOR RUBY’S RESIDENTS has found that there are three necessary ingredients for founding and sustaining a new Chapter:

1. a population of needy institutionalized elderly

2. support from nursing home administration personnel and leadership 

3. a core group of potential leaders to assist you with the development and execution of a Three Wishes chapter

If your core group believes the necessary ingredients for a new chapter are available, please reach out to us at to speak with our Chapter coordinator- SUBJECT “CHAPTER”


To reach this point in the process, you must have approval from the national office


Confirm the “core team” - a “core team” of potential Chapter leaders. The most effective team size is 3-5 people.  This is the team that will work together to create the chapter. It is important that the core team be able to meet for planning and coordination on a regular basis. Meetings may occur via face to face, via telephone conference calls, video conference calls, etc.


To reach this point in the process, the new chapter must have the commitment 3-5 core people and received approval from national office of Three Wishes. The purpose of this meeting is to build the foundation upon which the Chapter will exist, establish community connections, build community networks and begin public outreach.  

Select a convenient site and time for the Organizational Meeting.  Establish a procedure for publicizing this and future meetings (e-mail if possible, postal mail or telephone if not.). 

This meeting should introduce THREE WISHES FOR RUBY’S RESIDENTS and give the community a preview of what they can expect from having a chapter in the area, how they can help your residents specifically, how you can help each other connect generations, project ideas, collaborations and perhaps share success stories and projects of other chapters and what they have accomplished in their communities.

Propose a date and location for the next meeting. Follow-though by publishing minutes from the meeting. The minutes should report the decisions made and briefly summarize the speaker’s comments. 

The goal of this meeting is to complete all the business items that define the new chapter; choose the name for the chapter, elect the Interim officers, and establish the governing Bylaws.

Chapter Name

The name of the chapter must include the region of your choice as follows “Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents of _______________”

Candidates for Interim Officers:  The critical positions to fill are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. It would be ideal to have a Programs Chair and Communications Chair but not critical.  The initial candidates are generally members of the core team and those who indicated interest in holding a leadership position at the Informational Meetings.

Chapter Bylaws: The first set of chapter bylaws need not be more complex than the template offered.  These bylaws should be reviewed and approved by your officers.

The Chapter Application: The THREE WISHES FOR RUBY’S RESIDENTS main office will need to be notified by email when your team has completed the above steps and wishes to submit the application. The completed application consists of the following comprises the Application package. The final package contains the following:

  • ·         proposed name for the chapter (with or without a proposed logo), 
  • ·         a primary point of contact and mailing address,
  • ·         a description of the chapter’s geographic area, 
  • ·         a list of nursing homes in the area, 
  • ·         the list of the elected Interim Officers of the chapter, 
  • ·         a copy of the approved bylaws
  • ·         Signature of President and Secretary

The Chapter Advisory Committee should review the package before submission to THREE WISHES FOR RUBY’S RESIDENTS. At that point, the material goes to the THREE WISHES FOR RUBY’S RESIDENTS Board of Directors for approval, usually within a few weeks.  The official document is mailed to the address below 

do not fill out application without approval of step one by national office of Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents 


Name of Chapter

Provide your chapter name here, attach logo if available


Application Point of Contact Provide a name, address, phone number and email address for the person best able to answer questions about

this application




Area covered by chapter Describe geographic boundaries here

List area nursing homes by name and address 





Chapter Bylaws See attached bylaws unanimously adopted at our organizational

Current Interim Officers and Committee

Chairs President:  

V. P.  




Submitted by:

Mail to:

Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents

ATTN: Chapter Coordinator

PO Box 1546

Harrison, AR 72602

















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