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Files, downloads & resources to connect the generations!

Students and teachers

Ruby and friends want to help you connect the generations through projects like Project PenPal.

Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents has set up a pen pal project between nursing home residents and students to help connect the generation of young and old. One of the goals is for students to gain an understanding of what the older generation has experienced in their lifetime. A second goal is to empower children and elders by showing them that they can spark change with a simple action such as listening and writing a letter. This is a great way to motivate language learners and/or make inter-generational connections. Sometimes it is hard for students and elders to imagine how their kindness, language and a simple action can impact another human being and this is a concrete way for them to experience it.

Here you will find links to printable packets to help you complete these great projects in your own community with your youth groups, classrooms or church group! 

The PenPal Project  print and download


Download, print instructions for The 3 Wishes Project 

"If I could bring you any 3 things, what would they be?" 

A guide for youth leaders, teachers, church groups.


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