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Files, downloads & resources to connect the generations!

The PenPal Project 

Connect with a real nursing home resident! 

Ruby and friends want to help you connect the generations through projects like Project PenPal. 

Click here to download and print

Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents has set up a pen pal project between nursing home residents and students to help connect the generation of young and old. One of the goals is for students to gain an understanding of what the older generation has experienced in their lifetime. A second goal is to empower children and elders by showing them that they can spark change with a simple action such as listening and writing a letter. This is a great way to motivate language learners and/or make inter-generational connections. Sometimes it is hard for students and elders to imagine how their kindness, language and a simple action can impact another human being and this is a concrete way for them to experience it.

Here you will find links to printable packets to help you complete these great projects in your own community with your youth groups, classrooms or church group! 



Postcards of Kindness- simple way to mail a nursing home resident a postcard!

click above to print instructions 


"Postcards for kindness" is a simple way for you to send a postcard to a nursing home resident in the United States and know you brightened their day. We have all encountered or heard of a lonely nursing home resident.....we are here to change that for them little by little. We hope you'll join us in this simple task of kindness by sending them a postcard.

Postcards of Kindness was started by 11-year-old Ruby Chitsey and it is linked to her nonprofit organization, “Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents” which has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America and other major news organizations across the world.

Ruby has launched a campaign asking people to send nursing home residents across the country postcards- randomly, anonymously and JUST TO BE KIND.  

The purpose of program is best described by Ruby’s team- “We’ve all seen or heard of a lonely nursing home resident.  Social isolation and loneliness are huge issues among the institutionalized elderly. It’s sad to think that up to 90% of residents in some facilities do not have routine family visitors, mail or contact. The postcards remind our residents that there’s always somebody thinking of them, regardless of where or who the postcards have come from. The postcards bring an instant smile and a tangible reminder of humanity and kindness.”

So how do you start?

To sign up your nursing facility to receive postcards-

Simply go to Facebook and find and join our group “Postcards of Kindness- United States” and post a single photo of your nursing facility with facility name & mailing address. We will add it to our “album” of “participating nursing homes” on our group and main Facebook pages 

Alternatively, you may email the above photo to

To send a postcard-

Go to the above Facebook group or the main Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents page and scroll through our album of "participating nursing facilities" and choose the facility that appeals to you.  It’s that simple. Be creative. Use photos, travel postcards, etc. Resident names will typically not be listed for privacy reasons.

Our facilities will be making walls of postcards, montages, etc. to “show the love”.

Be sure to share our group- the more participation we have the more social isolation we reduce.

Use the hashtag#postcardsofkindnessUS if you choose to post.


Striving for change,

Ruby Chitsey and team

Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents is on Facebook




Download, print instructions for The 3 Wishes Project 

"If I could bring you any 3 things, what would they be?" 

A guide for youth leaders, teachers, church groups.


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