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Refer a Resident

Refer a Resident

Print or download these instructions here:

National Wish Project begins with a Referral 
We need caring people to make a referral so we can make like sweeter for more institutionalized elders in America. We do this by fulfilling their small wishes. 
Who is eligible? 
Permanent residents of a long-term care facility in America, preferably on a limited income. Two examples of a “long-term care facility” are a  nursing home and an assisted living facility. 
Who can make the referral on behalf of the resident?
The resident, family member /POA, or facility employee such as a nurse,  activity director or CNA. 
What can a resident wish for?
Small items of low monetary value that can be mailed from such as favorite snacks, chips or candy, clothing, music,   art supplies such as coloring books, markers, pencils, hygiene products such as shampoo, body wash or lotion, make-up, blankets, small radio players, etc. 
What are some examples of items ineligible for this project? 
Items with high monetary value such as computers, electronics, tablets, phones,  luxury items such a designer clothes and shoes, hearing aides, dental work, medical bills, equipment and services 
How in do I initiate a referral? Send only the following information to

  • Your name
  • Your facility name, phone, fax and address (all required) 
  • Your preferred contact email
  • What is your relationship to the resident? 
  • Your resident’s story- Why do they need us to make life sweeter? Is it their bday? Do they love a certain item but can’t always get it? Do they need a pick-me-up? 
  • If approved, a wish list form will be sent to you. 

If I make a referral, does my resident automatically receive their wish? No 
How will I know if my resident is approved? You will receive an email from us with instructions on delivery 
Will you mail items anywhere? No. Items will be sent to confirmed address of LTC facility in the US and to a designated employee. 
What do you require from the LTC facility or resident? We require a thank you note or tagged social media post from the residents or their staff explaining how we made their life sweeter.  A consented photo is desired but not required .  Mailing Address provided if approved 

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